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Cavalry Coffee in Hoi An

A lot of people who come to Vietnam don’t know that this, mountainous country is actually a global heavyweight when it comes to coffee production. Last year, Vietnam produced 1,650,000 metric tons of the brown beans, second only to Brazil in terms of sheer volume. Coffee is everywhere in Vietnam; from big, bustling coffee shops, to tiny mom ‘n pop operations, you can’t go far without seeing a coffee place of some kind.

With a slow-growing popularity within Hoi An, Cavalry aims not only to brew amazing coffee for a reasonable price but to also be retailers for coffee appliances and equipment.

Currently, the company has two locations in the city. East of Old Town is their small and humble coffee shop that showcases their products and a few smaller pieces of brewing equipment. It’s a great no-frills spot to sit down and appreciate the coffee. Cavalry’s main location is much further away, just over Cua Dai Bridge. Larger and more industrial than it’s Old Town younger sibling, this spot is mostly frequented by locals due to the location. Limited English is spoken but that doesn’t stop the staff from delivering fantastic service. In the back of the shop is a covered courtyard with additional seating and is also where all the coffee production is done.